Official publication of the Texas Junior Livestock Association

John Deere Gator to Be Given Away

The John Deere Gator Raffle will come to a close May 6 when TJLA Camp convenes according to Cherie Bright, Executive Director of the TJLA. “We wish to express our appreciation one more time to Shoppas Farm Supply for donating the Gator to the TJLA. Were it not for the raffles that we have held each year for the past four years, we would not be able to continue with the scholarship program or some of the other programs that benefit our members.”

The John Deere Gator drawing will be held during the opening general session at CAMP. We will have someone from the audience draw out the winning ticket for the Gator, and then we will get it delivered to them.

Members of the TJLA sold tickets for a chance on the John Deere Gator. Not only did they help contribute to the scholarship fund, but they also learned some valuable salesmanship skills, plus they were able to earn bonus points.

“I wish to thank everyone from Shoppas Farm Supply, and I want to thank Laddie Ellis who facilitated the transaction with Shoppas. I want to thank all the members who participated in the raffle and their parents, and I want to thank everyone who purchased a ticket, Mrs. Bright stated.” “Thank all of you for helping with this fundraiser.”

“I hope that the winner enjoys their new Gator, and has many happy hours using it.” she concluded.