Official publication of the Texas Junior Livestock Association

TJLA Year in Review

By Cherie Moller Rash Carrabba Bright

It Might Be Fate In More Ways Than One….

I have been trying to find comparisons for this article for several weeks. I wanted to be able to express the significance of actually winning a championship based upon one year of competition and I had come up empty. In March my Aunt Doris had her ninetieth birthday. You don’t have to know me for very long to know that I adored, and still adore, by Aunt Doris and my Aunt Frances who passed away in 2015.

At Aunt Doris’ birthday party she chastised me slightly about not responding to the mountains of genealogy, books and papers that she sends me regarding my family roots. She asked me if I had read the history of the Cowboys’ Turtle Association, an organization founded in 1936 to organize professional rodeo cowboys and give them a basis for demanding better wages and benefits. I had to admit that I had not, but when I arrived home, I started flipping through this book which is literally a history of the birth of professional rodeo.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Forward written by Trevor Brazile, the fourteen time PRCA World Champion from Decatur, Texas. I had read an article written about Brazile in Texas Monthly a few years ago, and I had saved some of his quotes that I thought were appropriate for serious junior exhibitors. Brazile was elaborate in his praise for the Cowboy Turtles Association giving them credit for working so hard and having the foresight to organize what has evolved into the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

But it was a list of the Cowboy Turtles Association members that really caught my attention . On page 291 there was the name of my father, Wharton E. “Stretch” Moller, who had been CTA Member Number 1640 and had been a member in 1941, 1942 and 1943. I had heard tales from my mother and my Aunt of my dad’s exploits as a saddle bronc rider, but I had never really taken them seriously. I knew that the Craners from Alvin who had been well known pick-up men in the Houston area when I was first introduced to rodeo were my dad’s cousins, but I had no idea that he was actually a rodeo cowboy.

My dad was killed right after I turned six years old, but there was something about this connection that I found fascinating. First of all, I wasn’t raised around rodeos or livestock shows. I had only been to the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show to compete for RGV Queen prior to meeting Billy Rash. I had never been to a real livestock show or rodeo, but I took to both like a duck to a June Bug.

I loved livestock exhibition. And, as many of you know, that resulted in our founding of the TJLA which was originally the TCCA, because the association only included cattle at the time. The idea of compiling records on the competition of livestock exhibitors for a period of one year was an idea written out of the pages of rodeo lore.

We wanted to do it because we felt that there were many deserving livestock exhibitors who could be honored if someone compiled a record of their performances at sanctioned shows. It was very similar to the idea that the Cowboys Turtle Association devised in 1936. The coincidence of my father being involved in an association which did a number of the same things that we try to do for junior livestock exhibitors gave me goosebumps.

I don’t think that we lavish the praise deserved on our TJLA Champions and Top Ten exhibitors. When you consider what they have accomplished in a year, the number of championships that they have earned, the number of places that they have traveled, we are most assuredly falling short as far as accolades are concerned.

So we didn’t rush getting the results, but Anna Kriger worked diligently on gathering photos of the Top Ten exhibitors. Major show season was over before we had everything that we needed, but in many ways I am glad.

After the hoopla of the majors, now is the time to look at the real heroes of the junior livestock world. Now is the time to acknowledge their hard work and efforts without competing with the news of who won the latest major show.

Winning a major show is a tremendous accomplishment and goal of almost everyone I know who exhibits, but consistent performance, tenacity and never failing to pursue your goal also counts.

I even found quotes byTrevor Brazile which could fit a livestock exhibitor just as well as it does a rodeo cowboy.

I don’t know if fate had a hand in sending me in this direction in life or not, but I do know that there are several coincidences that point that way.

So here is our tribute to the All-Around Champions, the Showmanship Champions and the State-Wide Champions of the Texas Junior Livestock Association. May you always have the foresight, the drive and the determination that it takes to succeed in setting big dreams and accomplishing them.

Sierra Ann Reynolds 

Champion All-Around Swine Exhibitor 

Champion Crossbred Swine Exhibitor 

TJLA Champion Senior Swine Showman 

Sierra Ann Reynolds has been involved in showing pigs for a long time. She was handed her first pig bat at the age of 3, and it very quickly became known as the tapper. “Just tap the pig, please tap the pig” her parents would say. Today Sierra Ann is 16 years old and anyone that spends time with her in the barn has heard her ask for her tapper, with red tape of course! Some things will never change.

Sierra Ann started gymnastics soon after she showed her first pig in a local jackpot. At the age of 12 she had to decide between competitive gymnastics and showing swine as both required a 7 day a week commitment. After several months of decision making, she informed her parents and her coaches of the day that was her last on the gymnastics floor. From that moment on, she committed 100% to her animals, 4-H, leadership opportunities, and working to her potential in and around the show ring.

Sierra Ann is very competitive; she constantly wants to outperform her previous performance as she is her toughest critic. Once she enters the show ring, she feels the most important thing for her to demonstrate is the relationship between her and her pig.

“Not every pig is a champion, but you prepare like they are,” she says. This school year she started school at Willis High School, but mid-way through the year Sierra Ann decided she needed more flexibility with her schedule and enrolled in Texas Tech ISD online as a Sophomore. This has allowed her to not only continue to focus on her education, but to also be able to participate in 4-H at the Local, County, District, and State level.

She also works as a Junior Director on the Montgomery County Fair Board, performs the duties of the Vice President for the Texas Junior Livestock Association, receives training and volunteer time as a Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador, and participates in many of the functions that are offered through these programs.

For Sierra Ann, some of the best memories come from the barn. She loves to talk about her day to day experiences and most enjoyable moments. She has won many awards and has had some very respectable placings, but her discussion and favorable moments are rarely about winning. It’s about the relationships with friends and family that she values the most. Her stories about her pigs rarely involve comments around placing, but instead funny things that happened or unique moments that become memorable.

Sierra Ann considers winning the TJLA Swine All-Around to be one of her biggest accomplishments. This was a year long effort and required many nights and weekends of traveling from one show to the next. She will be the first to tell you that she and her family were not alone in this endeavor.

“We now have a big show family! “ she stated. Sierra Ann is very proud of her All-Around Award. However, she will tell you the biggest accomplishment is the lifelong relationships with friends and family as well as the life skills that she developed along the way.

“We all started out with a goal to win a TJLA Top 10 Jacket, but somewhere along the way we all realized it wasn’t about the jacket, but the meaning behind it. The jacket sparked our interest and got our foot in the door, but what I am taking away from this experience is so much more than that.” she said.

And she is right. A junior exhibitor may join because of the desire to win a jacket, but their experiences as a member of the TJLA encompass wonderful relationships, great family moments, and lifetime friendships. We think that is the best thing about this organization.

Congratulations to Sierra Ann Reynolds!

Payton Herzog 

All-Around Heifer Champion 

Steer Showmanship 

Seventeen year old Payton Herzog is the second generation of his family to show cattle in the Texas Junior Livestock Association. The son of Kevin Herzog (Champion Angus steer 1985 and 1986) and Natalie Collins Herzog, (Champion Angus steer 1985 and 1986), Payton started attending TJLA Sanctioned shows long before he was old enough to exhibit livestock. His sister, Hayley, the former Champion TJLA All-Around Steer Exhibitor in 2014) started showing cattle three years before Payton was eight, so he made a lot of TJLA shows as a spectator.

Payton is known as “Junior” around the Herzog camp, and he is well known for having a voracious appetite which could be considered healthy at the very least.

He is currently a sophomore at Robinson High School. Since he began exhibiting livestock, Payton has won several TJLA Champion titles. His list of accomplishments in the show ring include having the Grand Champion Steer at the State Fair of Texas in 2015, the Champion Angus Steer at the Fort Worth Stock Show in ?????, and the Champion Shorthorn Steer at the 2017 Houston Livestock Show. In addition, he has shown many Brahman Heifer, Red Brahman heifer, and Angus Heifer champions.

The arena is not the only place where Payton excels. As a member of the Robinson FFA, Payton was the Star Green-hand, and he currently serves as Treasurer of his FFA Chapter. He is in his third term as President of the TJLA Junior Board of Directors, and he is a Junior Director for the Texas Junior Brahman Association. He is a member of the Heart O’ Texas 4-H Club, the American Junior Brahman Association, the Texas Junior Angus Association, the American Junior Angus Association and the American Junior Beefmaster Association.

He participates in Livestock Judging in both 4-H and FFA and in his spare time, he likes to hunt and fish.

On the road to winning his TJLA All-Around Heifer buckle, Payton accumulated 113 Breed Championships, 67 Reserve Breed Championships, and was named Grand or Reserve Grand Champion Heifer many times.

He not only won the All-Around Heifer crown, but he also took home the TJLA Grey Brahman Heifer Buckle, the Region II Heifer Championship and the Steer Showmanship Buckle.

Payton is not only a tough competitor, but he has other qualities that I admire. First of all, he is nice young man who has nice manners, he is willing to help anyone who ask him, he is a great showman, and he is always a good winner and a good loser.

We are very proud of Payton Herzog, our All-Around Heifer Champion.

Cameron Leudtke 

TJLA Champion All-Around Steer Exhibitor 

Champion Red Crossbred Steer Exhibitor 

Champion Region II Steer Division 

Cameron Leudtke is a seventeen year old livestock exhibitor from Midlothian, Texas. Since she is the youngest of a family that have all shown steers in the TJLA, she has been coming to TJLA sanctioned shows since she was very young.

I have known Cameron’s dad, George for many years, and I know that Cameron’s winning the All-Around was a family accomplishment.

Cameron is active in her FFA Chapter. She competes in the FFA’s CDE and LDE contests.

The Competitive Development Events are contests that FFA members compete in to test their skills learned through agriculture education.

The Leadership Development Events focus on creating situations for members to demonstrate the abilities in public speaking, decision making, communication, and a student’s knowledge of Agriculture and the FFA organization. These are the events like Chapter Conducting, Creed Speaking, Agriculture Advocacy.

Leadership Development Events focus on creating situations for members to demonstrate their abilities in public speaking, decision making, communication and their knowledge of agriculture and the FFA organization. Team a

In addition to being a very attractive young lady, Cameron is one of the best sticks going down the road. She must have spent a long time observing her siblings because she adopted their best showmanship techniques.

Cameron is not just a good showman, she is also a good hand when it comes to fitting and grooming. It is easy to see that she loves showing steers. It is evident in her demeanor, and when she shows, an observer can quickly tell that she is in that arena to win. But when the dust has settled Cameron shows the kind of character that we all want livestock exhibitors to have. She always displays good sportsmanship. She is both a gracious winner and a gracious loser which is a tribute to her and to her family.

Kenzie Pardon 

TJLA All-Around Champion Lamb Exhibitor 

Region II Champion Lamb Exhibitor 

Kenzie Pardon of Killeen won her first All-Round title this year.

The active teenager stays busy with a variety of activities. She is President of the the Trimer 4H Club and is an active member in the Killeen FFA where she is a member of the Wool and Meats judging Teams.

Kenzie has demonstrated her leadership skills to the point that her school chose her to be on their Leadership Team.

That has allowed Kenzie to participate in some amazing opportunities. This year she went to the State capital and met congressmen and congresswomen.

She was able to watch the actual process of seeing how a legislative bill is proposed and the process that moves it through the legislature to become a law.

Kenzie is an active participant in many volunteer organizations in the area.

She is involved in her church and treasures the time she spends with the young people of the church.

But Kenzie’s true passion is livestock. She works her sheep and spends a great deal of time in the barn. “I have learned so many things in the TJLA, she said. In her extra time she loves to draw and create Art .

Congratulations to this year’s All Around Champion Lamb Exhibitor, Miss Kenzie Pardon!

Riley Clinard 

TJLA Champion Peewee Showman 

Riley Clinard is a second grader at St. Paul Lutheran School and member of the Thorndale 4-H. She lives in Rockdale, Texas with her mom and dad, Glenn and Shannon Clinard, and younger brother, Jaxson. Riley has been a member of the TJLA for the past 3 years and has been incredibly luckily to receive a Top Ten jacket every year and won the statewide standings in the PeeWee Division and PeeWee Swine Showmanship the last two years. In her spare time she enjoys playing the piano, volleyball, reading books and running. In the distant future Riley would like to attend Texas A&M University, study biomedical sciences and become a veterinarian.

Madison Woolery 

Junior Swine Showmanship Champion 

Madison Woolery is from Liberty Hill, Texas and has been showing pigs for six year. She is the daughter of RC and Stacy Woolery.

Madison goes to Florence Elementary School and is a member of the Florence Jr. FFA. She has been a member of TJLA for the past five years. Madison enjoys showing and especially loves competing in showmanship. Some of her biggest accomplishments are winning the TJLA Champion Junior Swine Showmanship crown, the showmanship contest at the State Fair of Texas two years in row, and placing 10th at National Western Days in Denver, Colorado.

When she is not showing she enjoys breeding and raising pigs at home and learning more about the swine industry.

Congratulations to Madison Woolery!

Brooke Vasquez 

Champion Dark OPB Exhibitor 

TJLA Champion Intermediate Swine Showman

Brooke Vasquez lives in Rosanky, Texas. The pretty and vivacious teenager has liked showing swine since the minute that she entered the arena.

Brooke, who served as a TJLA Junior Director this past year, attended the TJLA Junior Director Seminar last summer where she demonstrated some great leadership skills.

In addition to her leadership skills, her enthusiasm added a lot to the TJLA Junior Director’s Swine Board. Those qualities, along with the fact that she is a very good showman have put her in the top of two categories this year.

She took home the TJLA Champion Intermediate Swine Showmanship Championship as well as the Champion Dark OPB Exhibitor.

Congratulations to Brooke Vasquez!

Madison Fisher 

TJLA Junior Heifer Showmanship Champion 

Champion Charolais Heifer Exhibitor 

Eleven year old Madison Fisher is another TJLA legacy. Her mother, Mandy Main Fisher, showed heifers in the TJLA the entire time that she was a junior exhibitor.

The fruit didn’t fall far from the tree where Madison is concerned. Madison lives in the largest city in the Lone Star State, but she has proved that you don’t have to live in the country to be a great livestock exhibitor.

Madison is a member of Mayde Creek Junior FFA, and she has been showing in the TJLA since she was eight. She has been a great showman since the first day she set foot in the livestock arena. Under the tutoring of her mom and Cheramie Vitator, she just keeps getting better.

In addition to being the Champion Junior Heifer Showman, she was also the Champion Charolais Heifer exhibitor this year. She had an outstanding showing at the 2016 Belt BuckleBonanza and was named the Supreme Champion Heifer.

She loves traveling all over the state and the county with her family and friends. She said that her favorite show is the National Western Stock Show in Denver.

One day Madison hopes to be a veterinarian and continue raising great Charolais and Red Brangus cattle.

Congratulations to Madison Fisher!

Collin Parker 

TJLA Intermediate Steer Showmanship Champion 

TJLA Intermediate Heifer Showmanship Champion 

Collin Parker is a 13 year old homeschooler from Chilton, Texas. His mother, Jennifer Collins Parker was the first Brahman Heifer Champion in TJLA heifer competition. He has been around livestock shows his entire life, and he loves it.

He is a member of the Chilton 4-H and the Falls County 4-H clubs. He is a member of the Falls County Livestock Judging Team which placed second in District 8 competition this spring.

Collin is all about the TJLA. He has been on the Board of Directors for five years. Although he is only 13, Collin has excelled in TJLA competition. Among his year end Championships, he has the Red Brahman Heifer Championship, the Grey Brahman Heifer Championship, the Brahman Steer Championship, and the Red Angus Steer Championship. He also won the Region VIII Junior Steer and Heifer titles last year as well as having won the Junior Steer and Heifer Showmanship titles.

Collin was named the 2015 All-Around Junior Exhibitor in the Texas Junior Brahman Association. He says that his biggest accomplishment is raising “Brooke”, the heifer pictured here. She won the Fort Worth Junior Heifer Show this year and went on to win her Division at the 2017 San Antonio and Houston Open and Junior Brahman Heifer Shows. “Brooke” also won her division at the American Junior Brahman Heifer Junior Nationals.

In addition to his outstanding career in the livestock arenas, Collin is a “worker bee.” We watched him work for hours loading steers that were going to slaughter during this year’s Houston Livestock Show. When he is not working, raising cattle, or studying Collin also loves to hunt, fish, and hang out with his friends.

Big congratulations to Collin Parker!

Hollis Holmes 

TJLA Champion Junior Steer Showman 

Hollis Holmes may look like he is small, but he has the heart and the commitment of a mighty warrior. The Goliad resident is a two year back-to back Junior Steer Showmanship Champion in the TJLA.

In 2015 Hollis was the Champion Junior Showman at the Sullivan Supply Belt Buckle Bonanza. In 2016 he was the Reserve Champion Junior Showman at both the Sullivan Supply Belt Buckle Bonanza and the Sullivan Supply Fall Classic.

In addition to being a great showman, Hollis is a tough competitor. He took home a fifth place ribbon in the Class 1 Exotic Steer Division at the 2017 Fort Worth Stock Show. In San Antonio he was the second place Middle Weight Angus Steer, And since he doesn’t discriminate, he had an eighth place Yorkshire Barrow at the 2017 Houston Livestock Show.

The folks in Goliad better be prepared to compete with Hollis for a long time. This year he had the Grand Champion Hog and the Reserve Grand Champion Steer at the Goliad County Fair.

In addition to livestock shows, he helps raise and sell club calves for his family’s business in Goliad. He also enjoys Star Wars and sword fighting with his little brother.

We congratulate Hollis Holmes!

Carlye Rodenbeck 

TJLA Senior Heifer Showmanship Champion 

Carlye Rodenbeck is a graduating senior at Brenham High School. She has been an active member of the 4-H since 2010 and an active member of the FFA since 2013.

She has served in many different roles in her 4-H Chapter including: 4-H President, Vice-President, Historian, Parliamentarian and as a Board member in her 4-H Chapter.

She has served on the board of the Texas Junior Simmental/ Simbrah Association for four years. In 2016 she exhibited the Champion Simbrah Heifer and the Champion Percentage Simbrah Heifer at the TJSSA State Show.

Carlye has excelled in scramble competition. She won the 2014 Washington County Fair Scramble Heifer Show. She also won a scramble certificate at the Fort Worth Stock Show in 2014 and then exhibited the Reserve Calf Division Heifer at Fort Worth in 2015. She also was a Star of Texas Rodeo Scramble participant in 2016.

She has participated in the Simbrah Synergy Show since 2011. In 2016 she exhibited the Champion Simbrah and the Champion Percentage Simbrah Heifer at that show.

In 2017 Carlye won the TJLA Simbrah Heifer Championship as well as the TJLA Senior Heifer Showmanship title.

She plans on attending Blinn College in the fall and pursing a career in nursing. She enjoys traveling with friends and family and raising Simbrah cattle.

Congratulations to Carlye Rodenbeck!

Thiele Alvarado 

TJLA Champion Junior Goat Showman 

Thiele Alvarado is from Gatesville, Texas. There are many good goat exhibitors in Gatesville, and Thiele has to be one of the best, or he couldn’t have claimed the Junior Goat Showmanship title.

Thiele is a sixth grader at Gatesville Intermediate School, so I would say that he has a lot of opportunity ahead of him exhibiting Junior Livestock.

He is a member of the Coryell County 4-H club and was chosen to be a member of the Sixth Grade Leadership Team.

We wish to congratulate Thiele and wish him another successful season in the goat arena.

Tanner Martin 

2016 Champion Senior Goat Showman 

Tanner Martin is the 2016 Champion Senior Goat Showman. A resident of Lott, Texas,

Tanner attends Rosebud-Lott High School where he is active in numerous school activities.

He is a member of the Rosebud-Lott varsity football team, varsity golf team, and varsity field and track team. He is also a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the First Baptist Church in Lott.

He is a Junior Director of the Rosebud-Lott Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, and the Rosebud-Lott FFA where he also serves as a member of the FFA’s State Homesite Judging Team.

He is the President of the Rosebud-Lott 4-H and Vice-President of the Falls County 4-H Council. With all of these activities you really have to appreciate the fact that Tanner raises his own show goats. He doesn’t buy them, he breeds them which is what all of us would like to be able to do.

In addition, Tanner is very active as a TJLA Junior Director. I have observed him closely in that role, and he is one of the most responsible of the Junior Directors. Whenever you ask Tanner to do something, he always gets it done, and he does so with a smile on his face. He is one of the nicest young men that I know, and we are proud that he represents the TJLA in so many capacities.

Congratulations Tanner!

Rachel White 

All Around Champion Goat Exhibitor 

TJLA Intermediate Goat Showmanship Champion 

Region II Champion Goat Exhibitor 

Rachel White is a 15 year old freshman at Centennial High School in Burleson. She has been showing goats for five years and has been a member of the TJLA for four years.

Rachel said that since she joined the TJLA that she had always admired the Champion All Around exhibitors. “Being the All Around Champion became one of my goals” she explained.

Rachel went on to talk about her experiences in the TJLA. “There are so many things about the TJLA that have enriched my experience showing,” she said. “I love all the friendships I have made with so many different people all over the state. It has opened doors for me and given me opportunities to interact with people I would never have met otherwise.”

“Our experiences every weekend have not only given me a chance to do what I love, but they have made me realize the importance of my family,” she continued. “When you go up and down the road all the time, you do become closer to your family, or that is the way it has worked in our situation.”

Rachel has served as a TJLA Junior Director for two years and plans on continuing her involvement with the Junior Board.

“The TJLA sanctioned shows have really been important to me in so many ways,” Rachel said. “They have given me a chance to work with younger showmen. They have provided me with additional education about both my livestock projects and agriculture in general. I understand a lot more about how showing livestock relates to the entire agricultural industry.”

“My showmanship skills have improved a great deal through all that experience at the jackpots.I will continue to show goats but I hope to expand my experience and show other species as well.”

“If you get down to it, my experience in the TJLA has taught me more about sportsmanship, patience, responsibility, time management, and setting and achieving goals than any other activity in which I have participated,” she said.

We want to say thank you to Rachel and congratulations on an outstanding year!

Rachel Bradford 

TJLA Champion Intermediate Lamb Showman 

Rachel Bradford is a freshman at Troy High School. She has been showing lambs and goats through the Troy FFA since she was in the third grade. As you can tell from her photo, she has been very successful in her endeavors in the lamb and goat arenas.

This year Rachel scored 800 Points which was the highest score a member could have in Intermediate Lamb Showmanship. She won eight Official TJLA Showmanship contests and took home the prize for the year end.

The livestock arena is not the only place where Rachel excels. She is the President of her freshman class at Troy High School. She is Vice-President of the Troy FFA Greenhands, and she will be a chapter officer this next fall.

In addition to volunteering wherever she is needed, she is looking forward to her activities this summer which include the FFA Chapter Leadership Conference, the Texas FFA Convention, and the 2017 Washington D.C. FFA Leadership Conference.

We send Rachel a big congratulation from the staff of the TJLA and The Showbox magazine.

Kaylee Eaton 

Champion Finewool Cross Exhibitor 

TJLA Champion Junior Lamb Showman 

A determined, driven, and always happy describe Kaylee Eaton of Troy, Texas. She is 11 years old and in the 5th grade at Troy Elementary School, where she is a member of Student Council and volunteers with administrative hours at a local hospice. She has also been on UIL Number Sense and Math, Graph, and Charts Teams. She has shown lambs for 2 years, goats for 1 year, and pigs for 3 years and a member of NLBRA for 2 years before she was old enough to show. Her first lamb show was on May of 2015 at TJLA camp, where she was almost last in the showmanship class. She took things she had learned there and practiced daily. By her 5th lamb show, she had won her first showmanship. Through determination, drive, eagerness to learn, and some amazing people in her corner, she won TJLA Junior Lamb Showmanship in 2015 and 2016. She also won Junior Finewool Crosses in 2015 and Finewool Crosses in 2016. In the 2016 show season, she won Junior Showmanship at the Belt Buckle Bonzana, TAMU Aggieland Lamb Camp, and the Fall Classic. The start to the 2017 show season has been very rewarding for her at the Bell County Youth Fair including Champion Southdown in breeding, Grand Champion Goat, Reserve Lightweight Goat, and winning three different showmanship buckles. The next week she placed both of her Wether Dams in the top 5 in San Antonio as well as an 8th place medium wool in market show. Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo had 2 sale slots with both a lamb and a goat and then Austin produced a placing goat. In addition, Kaylee loves teaching other kids what she has learned. Through her work ethic, never say never attitude, and with a smile on her face, she is looking forward to her 3rd year showing lambs.

Abbey Currie 

TJLA Champion Medium Wool Lamb Exhibitor 

TJLA Champion Senior Showman 

Champion Region IV Lamb Exhibitor 

Runner-Up to the All-Around Champion 

Abbey Currie’s high school career is filled with success stories, both in the livestock arena and in many other areas.

The Cleveland, Texas resident is a junior at Caney Creek High School in Conroe where she currently has a GPA of 4.9170 which puts her at the top of her class.

She is a member of the National Honor Society, the Academic Honor Roll, a class officer, has volunteered for Special Olympics, at a local nursing home, has been an Advanced Placement Ambassador since 2014 and she teaches Children’s Church.

In addition she was voted to Second Team All-District Soccer player, played Varsity Basketball and Varsity Soccer for three years and has been an Academic All-District Soccer and Basketball player for two years.

All of that is before you get to her success as a livestock exhibitor. This year she was the TJLA Champion Medium Wool Exhibitor, runner-up to the All-Around Lamb Championship, the TJLA Senior Champion Showman and the TJLA Region IV Lamb Champion.

She exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion Lamb at the 2016 Fort Worth Stock Show, as well as having exhibited the Reserve Champion Southdown at the Star of Texas Fair. She also had the Champion Heavy Lt. Wt. Medium Wool lamb at this year’s Houston Livestock Show.

She has not only done well at the major shows, but she has also exhibited the Grand Champion Lamb at the 2015 and 2017 Montgomery County Fair. When you add that she was also voted the Montgomery County Fair Miss Congeniality for the 2017 Montgomery County Fair Queens Contest, you have put together a high school career which thus far has been spectacularly successful. It isn’t often someone as competitive as Abbey is voted Miss Congeniality, but then Abbey is not your normal competitor. She has learned to be gracious and competitive, and that is the best learning lesson a junior exhibitor could ever gain.

Congratulations to Abbey Currie!